Ankur Raghav Creates Positive Buzz In Content Production With ‘EPIC69 Official’ | News

Amidst gloomy and joyless days, entertainment has always saved people, whether through social media or cinema. Entertainment as an industry has come a long way in all these years, thanks to the umpteen numbers of talented professionals it has given birth to and the unique content they have produced and made in all these years, with the genuine intent to positively impact people all over the world.

The social media realm is one to have seen a consistent rise of many such entertaining Instagram pages that have served the audiences well in terms of entertainment through their compelling, impactful, and, most importantly, comedic content. Founder Ankur Raghav’s much-talked-about Instagram page, “EPIC69 Official,” remains one of the top names on the platform for various incredible reasons.

Ankur Raghav says that after developing and consistently growing his Instagram page, Naughty World, he felt the need to create something more and offer audiences a page that could spellbind them with outstanding content creation and production.

This motivated him to start EPIC69 Official, which has already become a go-to entertaining and compelling content page on Instagram. People excitedly open their accounts to watch phenomenal content on EPIC69, which has catapulted the page to garner a massive 2.7 million followers and counting.

The page goes beyond creating fresh memes every day and focuses on how well they can create trending yet relatable content that can A. instantaneously attract audience attention and B. can positively reinforce their urge to stay on the page for a long time to find more relatable content.

Though tons of such entertaining and meme-based content pages have been doing the rounds on Instagram, only a handful have remained at the top, with a steady increase in the flow of followers worldwide. EPIC69 is an epic Instagram page that successfully does that and proves why it deserves this massive audience attention. 

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